Guest Lecture : Palemahan Pawongan Parhyangan Ethical Secular Wisdom


On Friday 3 February 2023 in the Wismakarma Hall, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University. The Doctoral of Engineering Science Study Program (PSDIT) held an offline guest lecture with the theme “Palemahan Pawongan Parhyangan Ethical Secular Wisdom” by Alban Mannisi, Ph.D., a Landscape Urbanist, the founder, and director of SCAPETHICAL, Built Environment Practice, and Research Platform. In his presentation, Dr. Alban discussed the relationship between Existential Ecology, Naturogenic Design, Political Philosophy of Landscape, and Maritorium Biocracy. Human beings repositioning within the weakened environment require the renewal of ecological diplomacy discredited by a generic design philosophy that is spread throughout the world from the 19th State Capitalism to the current 21st Sustainable Development era. It is what is commonly accepted within the built environment expertise until it faces the difficult mutation of its ontology. The current challenges lead us to seek beyond extractivist political ecology, denying secular wisdom that has demonstrated resilience in the cultural landscape till then. At the time of our Anthropocene, to let societies pursue the toxic aspirations of such an economy falls under cynicism and blindness of our current inability to sense intangible eco-semiotics. It is therefore crucial to continuously inquire and acknowledge practices, customs, and wisdom of custodian cultures that allow us to revitalize alternatives sustaining our biosphere through ethical regenerative design.